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2020 Welcomes the “Zoom Effect”: Top Medical Professionals Weigh in on Online Engagement and the Cosmetic Procedure Industry

Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery

Drs. Vito Quatela and Heather Lee were featured in an article about social media, online engagement, and plastic surgery.

Dr. Quatela shares that they “have seen an increase in interest in cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty for one, and an increase in awareness of appearance.” He expands, expressing that since a lot of individuals now work from home, they are seeing “a Zoom effect, same as the selfie effect, where people are seeing a 4k image of themselves, which is equivalent to looking in a magnifying mirror.” Additionally, people have more privacy to recover “due to working from home and having masks cover their faces.” Dr. Lee weighs in on the effects of social media saying that it has “created an online, virtual world where people see themselves and what they are projecting more closely.” She emphasizes that they “are also no longer limited geographically; patients come from all over as social media in part has broadened the scope of influence.”

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