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Can’t get rid of your post-baby belly bulge? Find out if you have this medical condition

What is it? Many women are all too familiar with the post-pregnancy belly bulge that is seemingly impossible to fix with diet and/or exercise.  This “pooch” is actually a medical condition known as diastasis recti.  “Diastasis” means separation while “recti” refers to the abdominal muscles.  The abdominal area sticks out because the left and right …

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Maintaining shape: Menopause and abdominal changes

Women experience many changes to their bodies, and menopause is one that affects all women at some point in their lives.  Unfortunately, one of the many side effects of menopausal changes is weight gain that occurs as hormones decrease and metabolism slows down.  In addition to an increase in weight, fat is also redistributed which …

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WHAT'S NEW AT Q | SUMMER NEWSLETTER Ditch Your Double Chin with Kybella™ | Coming Soon Have you always wanted to ditch your double chin? Soon you can. The Quatela Center is excited to announce the arrival of Kybella™ to our practice in the near future. Kybella™ is the first and only FDA-approved injectable used …

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