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It’s Time to Get in the Know….

Do you want the latest news and advances in the cosmetic industry from experts you can trust? We have just the fix for you. The Quatela Center is excited to announce our very first in-house publication, Q Magazine. Created to offer you informative articles on the latest in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures from head to toe, articles are curated from the expertise of board-certified surgeons Dr. Vito C. Quatela and Dr. William J. Koenig. If you’re ready for insider information at your fingertips, download your very own e-book.

Announcing the #takeaQfrommom Contest Winner

The Quatela Center was honored to take part in helping to celebrate all of the moms and mother-like figures in your lives this Mother’s Day!  To those of you who shared the lessons about beauty and how these women are each beautiful, thank you!  Your photos and words were thoughtful and truly displayed the importance of these relationships and the deep connection between women that fosters positive ideals about beauty, inside and out. We are excited to announce and send a special congratulations to the winner of the #takeaQfrommom Mother’s Day contest, Cheri Marie!  Her photo and written entry (included below) was selected by … Continue reading

Join Us for a Facial Aging Seminar on April 18th

READY TO UPDATE YOUR LOOK FOR SPRING?  If signs of facial aging are getting you down, it’s time to learn about your options. Join Dr. Vito Quatela on Monday, April 18th at 6pm for a seminar to learn everything you need to know about state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial aging. Space is limited and reservations are required. RSVP by Friday, April 15th. Call the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery at 244.1000 to reserve your seat. *If you are unable to attend this event due to scheduling conflicts and are interested in learning more about facial aging treatments, speak to one … Continue reading

#takeaQfrommom Mother’s Day Contest

The media is extremely influential when it comes to how we, as women, define beauty.  We must remember that beauty is much more than skin deep and it’s important to recognize the role that your own personal influences had, and still have, on your positive perception of beauty.  These influences often come in the form of your mom or mother-like figure, women who empower you to make your own beautiful and who often help us to uncover and identify the most important beauty of all – inner beauty. This Mother’s Day, take time to say thank you to the mother … Continue reading

Dr. William J. Koenig Wins RealSelf 500 Award

Rochester Plastic Surgeon Recognized as Top Social Influencer in Breast and Body Plastic Surgery Local physician Dr. William J. Koenig is one of 500 doctors in the nation to receive the prestigious RealSelf 500 Award, out of nearly 13,000 board certified specialists with a presence on RealSelf—the leading online community helping people make confident choices in elective cosmetic procedures. He is the only Plastic Surgeon in the Rochester/Buffalo area awarded this honor. In a time when 1 in 4 U.S. adults share their health experiences on social media channels, the medical professionals that made the 2015 RealSelf 500 are recognized … Continue reading

What’s New at Q │ Winter 2016 Newsletter

NEW ADDITION: NON-SURGICAL HAIR RESTORATION PRODUCTS In our ongoing effort to provide state-of-the-art treatments, the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration is excited to now offer non-surgical options for hair growth and healthy maintenance. Here are some of the options we are currently offering: PRP for Hair Restoration: Platelet-rich plasma treatments are non-surgical, in-office procedures to help reverse hair thinning and encourage new hair to grow. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is the portion of your blood that contains growth factors that stimulate and restore hair growth when injected directly into the scalp where hair is thinning. There is no downtime after … Continue reading

Fat is the New Skinny

It’s time to start thinking differently about fat. Men and women, especially those in middle age and beyond, need to understand that fat is actually very important in maintaining or restoring youthfulness in their face. When individuals lose a significant amount of weight, either from stress or diet, it takes a major toll on the appearance of their face. Often, fat loss in the face, also known as facial wasting, makes people appear tired and older than they are. By adding volume or fat back into the face, it actually helps people regain a more youthful appearance. So, while maintaining … Continue reading

Debunking the Myths Behind Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has plunged into mainstream media over the last few years.  There are reality television shows and magazines on every newsstand with celebrities opening up about their plastic surgery confessions.  Not to mention the ever-popular Real Housewives franchise where television cameras are regularly inside plastic surgeons’ operating rooms and cast members casually receive injectable treatments with their closest girlfriends. Despite all of this, plastic surgery still tends to have a cloud of mystery surrounding it and with that come some negative myths.  At the Quatela Center, our goal is to educate our patients and arm them with all of … Continue reading

Make 2016 your best year yet

A new year = a new (or updated) you, right?  How many times have you had high hopes that this would be the case?  And how many times do you find yourself at the end of another year looking back and realizing that you never did take the time to make the changes you wanted to? Don’t let this next year fall short.  With New Year’s resolutions abundant, make a promise to yourself that this year you won’t just say you’re going to eat better/exercise/update your look/practice better skincare (and the list goes on), you’re going to do it!  Follow … Continue reading

Message from Dr. Quatela and Dr. Koenig

With the end of 2015 upon us, we want to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal partners in beauty, for helping to make 2015 a successful year at the Quatela Center.  We greatly appreciate partnering with you to achieve your beauty goals, and we hope to continue to do so in the coming years. Each year brings with it new and exciting possibilities, and this year was no different.  The year 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the practice at the historic Lindsay House mansion on East Avenue, and we celebrated having partnered with over 40,000 patients during … Continue reading

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