Advancing Expertise: The Ongoing Education of Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Quatela lecturing, and Dr. Amalfi lecturing

The field of plastic surgery is one of continuous innovation and refinement, where advancements in techniques, materials, and technologies are constantly shaping the way surgeons operate. The journey to becoming a plastic surgeon is long and rigorous, but the education doesn’t stop once a diploma is earned. In fact, ongoing education is an integral part of maintaining excellence in this dynamic field.

The Why

Why do our surgeons spend time attending professional meetings, such as those of their board accreditation? These events bring together experts in the field to discuss and share the latest research, surgical techniques, and emerging technologies. Surgeons have the opportunity to learn from their peers, engage in hands-on workshops, and gain insights into the most recent advancements in plastic surgery.

Additionally, our surgeons find them valuable for the following reasons:

  • Growth and Recruitment: As we’ve grown and hired additional physicians, professional meetings are a great place to meet and get to know other surgeons who may be a great fit at our organization in the future.
  • Trending Tools and Infrastructure: Plastic surgery is an ever-evolving field. Along with information about new and advanced tools, techniques, and procedures, our physicians also benefit from learning about ways to enhance our practice in terms of how we are structured to ensure we are doing all we can to maximize the patient experience.
  • National/International Reputation: Our surgeons are able to build connections amongst other surgeons and practices across the country and the world, which is important.

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a dynamic discipline that evolves rapidly due to technological advances, new surgical techniques, and a growing understanding of the human body. As such, we believe it is crucial to stay updated on the latest developments and for our surgeons to maintain their skills throughout their careers. Ongoing education allows them to adapt to changes and provide the best possible care to our patients.

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Dr. Heather Lee, Dr. Vito Quatela, and Dr. Alex Montague at the annual AAFPRS meeting.

Online Courses and Webinars: In the digital age, online courses and webinars have become a popular way to access education conveniently. These platforms offer a flexible and accessible means to stay updated on the latest research, techniques, and best practices. Our surgeons can participate in webinars, access recorded content, and take online courses on various aspects of plastic surgery.

Medical Journals and Publications: Staying current in the field also requires a dedication to reading medical journals and publications. These sources provide valuable insights into new research findings, case studies, and advancements in plastic surgery.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

In addition to attending academy meetings, courses, and reading medical journals, our surgeons are also involved in varying levels of professional organizations, as well as presenting on their expertise, and publishing journal articles about procedures they perform. At a glance, here are some of the ways that a couple of our physicians have been involved this year.

Dr. Quatela has participated in the following:

As a lecturer:

  • European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) in Verona, Italy​
    • Alar Base Modifications​
    • Deep Neck Contouring ​
    • Deep Plane Facelift Refinements
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)​ in Las Vegas
    • Deep Neck Contouring in the Young Patient​

As President:

  • International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS)                     
    • President Board Meeting​
    • Accreditation Council for Post-Residency Specialty Education (ACPSE) Treasurer Board Meeting​

Dr. Amalfi has participated in the following:

As a speaker:

  • X Simpósio Internacional de Inovações Tecnológicas no Tratamento de Lesões in Rio de Janeiro and Boca Raton
    • Adding Cellulite to Your Practice ​
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery THE Meeting in Austin, TX
    • Presidents Panel: How to Get it Right with Social
    • LIVE Advanced Markings in Breast Surgery
    • Breast Augmentation Without an Implant
    • Adding Labiaplasty to Your Practice
  • Beauty Through Science – The Meeting for Key Opinion Leader’s in NYC ​
    • Advanced Breast Revision Surgery ​
    • How to Avoid a Breast Lift​
    • Adding Labiaplasty to Your Practice ​

As a board member and/or chair:

  • Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons (NESPS) in Washington, DC ​
    • Board Member and Chair of Annual Meeting Planning ​
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery THE Meeting in Austin, TX ​
    • Board Member and Chair Annual Meeting Planning ​
  • LIMITLESS Women Leaders Summit​
    • Chair and Meeting Planning ​
  • Women Plastic Surgeons Symposium in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico​
    • Chair and Meeting Planning ​
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Board of Directors Meeting​
    • Member at Large ​
    • Women Plastic Surgeons moves on to international level 

The education of our plastic surgeons continues throughout their careers. The ever-evolving nature of the field demands they stay at the forefront of innovation, continually refining their skills, and expanding their knowledge. By participating in conferences, engaging in online courses, reading medical literature, and meeting board certification requirements, our plastic surgeons are able to provide the best possible care for our patients. We believe that ongoing education is a cornerstone of excellence in plastic surgery and that it benefits both our surgeons and the individuals who seek their expertise at our practice.

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