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It’s Time to Ditch the Double Chin

Are you one of the nearly 68% of people who are bothered by the fullness underneath their chin? This common yet often untreated area is a nuisance to many, even those who are fit and trim. But now there is a way to treat this unique area that is often impossible to eliminate with exercise. …

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Am I a candidate for traditional lipo or SmartLipo?

Options for fat removal are constantly evolving, and many patients call our office looking to utilize the newest technology.  Desirable attributes of a liposuction procedure are for the least amount of downtime and fast, noticeable results.  However, not all patients are candidates for every procedure.   At the Quatela Center, Dr. Koenig offers all available …

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Do you feel alone in your embarrassment?

Inverted nipples. Have you ever had a conversation about them? Chances are probably not. But did you know that inverted nipples are actually a lot more common than people realize? About 10-20% of women, and many men, have inverted or flat nipples. That means that inverted nipples are more common than having blue or green …

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