Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation revision is a surgical procedure breast enhancement specialist Dr. Ashley Amalfi and Dr. Peter Krasniak perform for women from Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo, New York, and surrounding areas to modify or correct issues that may arise after primary breast augmentation surgery. Also called breast implant revision or breast implant replacement, this procedure involves the removal, replacement, or adjustment of breast implants to address aesthetic concerns, implant-related complications, or changes in personal preference. It can also include changes to the size and shape of the native breast tissue as well to improve the aesthetic result. Revisions may be performed many years after primary breast surgery, or as soon as a year after to correct issues that arise.


Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision
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Reasons for Revision Breast Surgery

There are several reasons why a person may consider revision breast surgery:

  • Breast implant rippling: The appearance of visible implant edges, or wrinkling, beneath the skin.
  • Implant malposition: Sometimes, implants can shift from their original position, causing asymmetry or an unnatural appearance. Sometimes, the muscle can hold one or both implants in a very high position on the chest.
  • Bottoming out: A form of breast implant displacement, this is characterized by the implant dropping too low on the chest wall due to a lack of implant support from the patient’s own tissue.
  • Implant animation deformity: A condition where the breast implant moves when the chest muscles are engaged, causing an unappealing distortion.
  • Capsular contracture: This occurs when the scar tissue surrounding the breast implant becomes thick and tight, causing the breasts to feel firm or appear misshapen.
  • Implant rupture or leakage: Implants can rupture or leak over time, leading to changes in breast shape and size, or discomfort.
  • Desire for size or shape change: Some individuals may decide to change the size, shape, or type of their implants for aesthetic reasons.
  • Changes due to aging or weight loss: Over time, natural changes in the breasts or significant weight loss may affect the appearance of breast tissue itself, which can make the overall appearance less desirable.
Surgeons of the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery
Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our plastic surgeons review a variety of factors to ensure plastic surgery is a safe choice for you.

Your Revision Breast Surgery Consultation

During your consultation, your surgeon will review your health history and listen to you describe your primary concerns. Additionally, your breasts will be carefully examined to assess your personal characteristics and the opportunities for aesthetic and functional improvement. The consultation is an important opportunity to discuss your short and long-term cosmetic goals and ask questions about your treatment options. Your surgeon will explain the procedure, what you can expect during recovery, and the risks involved in revision surgery.

Your surgeon will then create a personalized treatment plan designed around your needs and lifestyle based on the information gathered at the consultation. Implants are carefully selected in cooperation with your surgeon to ensure the appropriate size and type are chosen.

Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery surgeons Dr. Amalfi, Dr. Krasniak
Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery
Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon
Ashley N. Amalfi, M.D.
Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures
Ashley N. Amalfi, M.D.

Dr. Ashley N. Amalfi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. With her experience and innate attention to detail, Dr. Amalfi achieves personalized surgical outcomes that help patients look and feel their best.

Peter Krasniak, M.D.
Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures
Peter Krasniak, M.D.

Dr. Peter Krasniak is a board-eligible plastic surgeon who completed a 6-year integrated plastic surgery residency and published research in patient-centered care. A specialist in breast and body surgery, Dr. Krasniak finds it gratifying to enhance his patients’ appearances while prioritizing their safety and physical comfort.

Your Revision Breast Procedure

No two revision breast surgeries are the same. The specific approach for revision breast surgery depends on the individual’s unique circumstances and desired outcomes. Our surgeons make incisions in strategic locations, often in the same areas as the original breast augmentation surgery, to access the breast implants. The old implants are removed, and adjustments are made to improve the position of the breast implant. Any scar tissue or implant malposition is addressed, and new implants placed if desired.

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Various tools and techniques are used to ensure a natural, consistent result. These may include:

  • GalaFLEX Surgical Scaffold: GalaFLEX is a scaffold, or “internal bra,” designed to support and help reinforce weak tissues surrounding the implant. It is made of absorbable suture material, the same that Dr. Amalfi uses for internal stitches to maintain support. Just like absorbable suture material, the GalaFLEX will slowly dissolve over time while encouraging the production of your own improved collagen formation. This allows for long-term support for the breast implant and will help maintain its position over time.
  • Plane Change: This involves moving the implant from its current position to a new position. The implant can be moved from under the muscle to over the muscle, or vice versa. Changing the implant position can help to control its position and improve rippling, animation deformity, and asymmetry.
  • Fat Grafting: Patients with or without an implant can benefit from fat grafting. With an implant in place, fat can be used to camouflage rippling, improve the appearance of cleavage, or augment the upper pole of the breasts. When patients have their implants removed and do not desire them to be replaced, fat transfer may be used with or without a breast lift to improve the contour and volume of the native breast. In any of these procedures, the fat is removed from a stubborn area via liposuction which gives the added benefit of body contouring in a desired location for the patient, as well as the improvement of the breast.

Recovery After Revision Breast Surgery

Recovery after revision breast surgery varies depending on the extent of the procedure. It is essential to follow the pre and post-operative instructions given to you prior to surgery, including wearing a supportive bra, avoiding strenuous activities, and attending follow-up appointments.

Revision Breast Surgery Results

The final results of revision breast surgery may take several weeks or months to fully appreciate as the breasts heal and settle into their new shape. Patients often experience improved symmetry, enhanced breast appearance, and increased self-confidence.

Ideal Candidates for Revision Breast Surgery

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is in overall good health
  • Is experiencing an undesirable outcome with their current implants or who wants to revise their previous implants
  • Has realistic goals and expectations about the results

The first step in deciding if you are a good candidate is to meet with Dr. Ashley Amalfi or Dr. Peter Krasniak for a private, personal consultation appointment to discuss your specific situation and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still breastfeed after revision breast implant surgery?

Yes, it is safe to breastfeed after revision breast implant surgery and complications or limitations due to the implant are rare.

I have had more than one breast surgery. Why is this different?

Patients travel to see our breast enhancement specialists for their specific expertise in these cases. Their experience in breast reconstruction revision surgery helps their aesthetic patients achieve their desired results.

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Doctors have told me the result I have is good enough, or cannot be fixed. Should I still come in for a consultation?

Absolutely! It is always advised to have a breast consultation so one of our plastic surgeons can take a closer look at your anatomy and understand your goals. Many of their patients have been told there is nothing to be done to improve their results and have achieved their goals with the help of our surgeons.

Can I just have my implants removed?

Many patients simply want their implants removed. Depending on the type of implant, sometimes they can be removed in the office. Other patients may desire a breast lift to improve their outcomes after explantation, and that may be done in the same surgical procedure or at a later date in the operating room.

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