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What’s New at Q │ Winter 2016 Newsletter

NEW ADDITION: NON-SURGICAL HAIR RESTORATION PRODUCTS In our ongoing effort to provide state-of-the-art treatments, the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration is excited to now offer non-surgical options for hair growth and healthy maintenance. Here are some of the options we are currently offering: PRP for Hair Restoration: Platelet-rich plasma treatments are non-surgical, in-office procedures to …

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Fat is the New Skinny

It’s time to start thinking differently about fat. Men and women, especially those in middle age and beyond, need to understand that fat is actually very important in maintaining or restoring youthfulness in their face. When individuals lose a significant amount of weight, either from stress or diet, it takes a major toll on the …

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Debunking the Myths Behind Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has plunged into mainstream media over the last few years.  There are reality television shows and magazines on every newsstand with celebrities opening up about their plastic surgery confessions.  Not to mention the ever-popular Real Housewives franchise where television cameras are regularly inside plastic surgeons' operating rooms and cast members casually receive injectable …

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