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Women at our Rochester, NY practice seeking breast lift surgery want to restore the youthful shape of their breasts. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are the primary reasons breasts sag, but significant weight loss, age, and even genetics also cause breasts to lose the perkiness our patients want. Dr. William Koenig or Dr. Emese Kalnoki performs this surgery, called mastopexy, often correcting asymmetry and reducing the size of the areolae as part of the breast lift.

Women from Buffalo, Syracuse, and throughout New York travel to the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery to get breast lift surgery at our state-of-the-art surgical center. Request a consultation using our online form to meet personally with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koenig or Dr. Kalnoki. Or call our office at (585) 244-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift elevates sagging breasts and can also correct concerns about asymmetry and reduce the size of areolae, the darker skin surrounding the nipples. By removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue, our surgeons lift and contour the breasts to give them a perkier, more youthful appearance. Women concerned about lost breast volume often combine a breast lift with augmentation. In other cases, Dr. Koenig or Dr. Kalnoki may recommend combining the lift with a breast reduction for patients with overly large breasts.

Dr. William J. Koenig Dr. William J. Koenig

William J. Koenig, M.D.

Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Koenig's experience and gentle bedside manner help put patients at ease and build an uncommon level of trust. He meticulously customizes each procedure, and sculpts beautiful results that consistently exceed his patients' expectations.

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Dr. Emese Kalnoki Dr. Emese Kalnoki

Emese Kalnoki, M.D.

Specializes in Body Contouring & Breast Procedures

A talented artist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kalnoki specializes in plastic surgery after weight loss or pregnancy and other body contouring procedures. As a woman, Dr. Kalnoki brings a unique perspective to the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery.

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Your Consultation

The first step before scheduling a breast lift procedure is to meet with Dr. Koenig or Dr. Kalnoki for an in-person consultation. After listening to your concerns and your aesthetic goals, your surgeon conducts a brief physical exam and explains the procedure in detail. The surgeon asks about your medical history, including current and past medical conditions, medications, and allergies.

You'll also have a chance to review our gallery of before-and-after photos of previous breast lift patients. If you're considering combining breast augmentation with the breast lift, your surgeon may recommend breast implants that will best suit your body type and cosmetic goals. You can "try on" different sized implants during the consultation.

The consultation is an excellent time to ask questions so that you feel more comfortable, learn more about Dr. Koenig or Dr. Kalnoki and the procedure, and can make an informed decision about your surgery.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Dr. William Koenig is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with nearly 25 years of experience performing cosmetic breast surgery such as mastopexy. He performs an average of 100 breast lift surgeries a year and is known for his excellent bedside manner, developing personalized treatment plans, and his meticulous nature, which is evident in his successful surgical outcomes. Dr. Kalnoki is a breast surgery specialist who performs both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and offers the unique perspective of a woman.

Ideal Breast Lift Candidates

The ideal candidate for a breast lift surgery is someone in good health with realistic goals and expectations about the potential results. If you are concerned with unfavorable or unattractive breast shape, or nipples and areolas that are enlarged, stretched or pointing downward, a breast lift surgery is the best procedure to address your concerns.

Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should delay their breast lift procedure until after their breasts have returned to their typical shape and size. This gives our surgeons a more realistic idea of the amount of laxity in the breast skin and the shape and size that you want.

Pre- and Post-Operative Breast Lift Instructions

It is important that you know what to expect during all phases of the breast lift procedure. For proper healing, and to achieve satisfactory results, patients must closely follow pre- and post-operative instructions. Our goal at the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery is to ensure a safe surgical procedure and recovery. Prior to surgery, our nursing team meets with you for about an hour to review your medical history and to perform a physical exam. We provide any medications you need to take before the surgery and we review and order post-operative medications. We thoroughly review what you should expect both before and after surgery, and provide written educational information for your reference.

Your Procedure

Your surgeon creates a customized surgical plan based on your consultation, which he or she discusses with you before the day of surgery. You'll meet with the anesthesiology team on the morning of your procedure to talk through any changes to your medical history or physical condition that have occurred since your pre-op appointment.

The surgeon begins by marking the breasts for placement of the nipple and areola prior to the surgery. Our surgeons make incisions according to the surgical plan they create. Typically, breast lift incisions go around the nipple and then vertically to the bottom of the breast. After your surgeon removes the excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue, he or she closes the incisions with sutures that are hidden, so they don't need to be removed.

Complications from breast lift surgery are rare, but there are some risks. A small percentage of patients experience a loss of nipple sensation, which may only be a temporary condition. Because gravity will continue to have an effect on the breast tissue, recurrence is a problem for a minority of patients.

Your Recovery

Patients can expect a minimal amount of pain during the recovery period. Following surgery, the surgeon dresses the breasts using gauze. You can expect excess fluid to drain in the first 24 hours after the surgery. Your surgeon places adhesive bandages, called steri strips, over the incisions. They must be kept clean and dry. You will also have a support bra on after your breast lift surgery. This needs to be worn continuously for the first three weeks.

The majority of breast lift surgery patients are able to resume normal activity in a day or two and most can return to work, depending on the nature of their job, after three to four days. Exercise is not allowed for the first week, and high-impact exercise such as running or weightlifting should not be resumed until at least three weeks after surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a breast lift or breast augmentation, or both?

A breast lift corrects breasts which have fallen due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging and the effects of gravity. Breast augmentation will add volume for breasts that are deflated due to similar factors. The procedures can be performed together or separately. Identifying your primary concern will help you decide which procedure you are interested in, and your surgeon will help solidify which procedure will achieve the result you are looking for at your personal consultation appointment.

What are the scars like after breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery requires the surgeon to make incisions around the areola and down the center of the bottom half of the breast. As a result, patients will have scars in those areas. Scars usually improve significantly over time, especially starting at about three months after your procedure. Additionally, we offer embrace®, an advanced scar therapy that aids in healing and reduces the appearance of surgical scars.

Should I get a breast lift if I plan on having more children?

You can get a breast lift before having your last child, but we do not recommend it. Pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the size and shape of the breast, and will compromise your result. It is best to wait until you are finished having children.

How long do breast lift results last?

The results from a breast lift are long-lasting, but your breasts will continue to change over time due to aging and gravity. By maintaining your weight and living a healthy lifestyle, you will preserve the results of your breast lift longer.

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