Elevating Women | Quatela Center Honored as a Workplace that Supports and Empowers Women
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The Rochester Business Journal’s Elevating Women awards exists to shine a light on companies and organizations that have demonstrated tangible efforts and documented results in supporting and empowering women in New York, and we are excited to share that the Quatela Center was chosen as one of the honorees.

“The 2023 Elevating Women honorees advance the role of women in the workplace. They support the recruitment, hiring and promotion of women and contribute to advancing the cause of women through philanthropic and/or community activities,” said Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, managing director of BridgeTower Media/Rochester Business Journal. “Companies that support women support the community. We at the Rochester Business Journal congratulate this year’s honorees.”

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Our Commitment to Elevating Women

At the Quatela Center, we strive to elevate women in multiple facets.  Since the majority of our patients are women (86% in the plastic surgery practice alone, and 90% of our Medical Spa clients), our work is centered around empowering them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.  The purpose of our work is not to make women conform to one ideal of beauty put forth by society, but rather to allow each individual to feel beautiful in their own way, however that manifests for them.

We also have a majority female employee base (85%), further strengthening the connections with our female patients and each other.  Two of the four partners, Dr. Heather Lee and Dr. Ashley Amalfi, are female as well. We are committed to constantly improving to better support and empower the women we care for every day.

Dr. Heather Lee and Dr. Ashley Amalfi
Dr. Heather Lee and Dr. Ashley Amalfi

Professional Development and Mentoring

For our employees, mentorship opportunities are given through continuing medical education and professional development to grow professionally and personally.  Career advancement and growth within the company is frequent and encouraged, with many employees changing roles throughout the organization. 

Dr. Amalfi specifically has a passion for mentorship and participates in a variety of programs for women through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) including Women in Plastic Surgery (a local chapter with UR Medicine), as the Chair of Women in Plastic Surgery through ASPS, and as the chair of all Women Plastic Surgeons in the United States.  She is on the Executive Committee of LIMITLESS, and the planner of the Women’s Surgical Leadership Conference.

Dr. Quatela has trained six female facial plastic surgery fellows through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (AAFPRS) fellowship program. Dr. Amalfi is one of only two female plastic surgeons in Rochester mentoring and training the next generation of surgeons.  She has been promoted and recognized for her drive for education for women and support of her female colleagues across the nation.  This message transcends everything we do at the Quatela Center and has been a refreshing addition to the organization.

Hiring and Promoting Women

85% of our employees are female, and approximately 15% are females who have been with the organization for 10 years or more, with 10% employed for 15 years or more.  Women are not only hired but supported in their educational and training endeavors.  Many of our employees have been promoted to leadership roles, as well as encouraged to pursue different roles in the organization.

Nine women reside on our leadership team, which makes up 75% of the total team.  Within our leadership team, historically and currently, all the management positions are held by female employees. 

Philanthropic Efforts and Community Support

An an organization, we have worked to combat inequality by partnering with local organizations who are positioned to meet the various needs of women and families in our community.  We have ongoing partnerships with the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (BCCR), Foodlink, and Bivona Child Advocacy Center.  We’ve supported Fashion Week and the Center for Youth and a Purse for Change through the Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley.  Dr. Amalfi is also a proud alumni and supporter on the Board of Trustees of Mercy School for Young Women. 

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We believe that there are many amazing organizations who are fighting for women, working to meet their basic needs and connect them to the support they need, so that they can achieve equality in society and the workplace, and we are proud to continue to support and partner with them in their work.

Future Goals for Continuing to Support Women

Our most significant accomplishment toward elevating women comes with the changes that have been made at a leadership level, accomplished 28 years after the Quatela Center was founded, progress that we are very excited to continue.  By hiring and promoting two female plastic surgeons, we’ve acquired equal female partnership of 50% women to 50% men.

Our future goal is to maintain a workplace and leadership team of at least 50% females.  We are also currently actively working with local women-owned businesses to create partnerships, as we feel that when joined together, we can better support more women in our community. We are honored to be recognized by the Rochester Business Journal and look forward to continuing this important work!

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