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NBC CT LIVE!: Refresh This Jan-NEW-Ary!

Jamie O’Donnell from JamieO.co shared about the Quatela Center on her Refresh this Jan-NEW-ary segment on NBC CT Live!


The Quatela Center creates uplifting experiences that change people’s lives with their carefully personalized, transformative procedures for each patient. The Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery is home to five board certified and internationally renowned surgeons in their respective fields of practice and offer body, breast and facial plastic surgery as well as hair restoration to help you achieve your personal refresh in 2023.

Buccal Fat Removal Is The Latest Cosmetic Procedure To Trend On Social Media—Here’s What It Is

An article in Women’s Health featured Dr. Heather Lee speaking to the recent social media trend surrounding buccal fat removal.

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The Pursuit of a Snatched Jawline Continues With Buccal Fat Removal

Dr. Alex Montague was featured in an article in The Cut, which continues the conversation around the popularity of the buccal fat removal procedure.

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People can’t stop talking about the cheek fat removal surgery that’s sweeping Hollywood. We asked plastic surgeons what it entails, and why it’s so popular.

Dr. Alex Montague was featured in an article in INSIDER which speaks to the rise in popularity of the buccal fat removal procedure.

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Gravity and bad earring habits can stretch pierced lobes. Here’s what to do.

close up photo of earring, model pointing to earlobe

Dr. Ashley Amalfi was featured in a Washington Post article about stretched and split earlobes, how to avoid damage to piercings, and the options available to fix them.

“Amalfi said people could start experiencing problems if the professional — or amateur — piercer missed the bull’s eye. “From the get-go, if the piercing was done incorrectly, if it is asymmetrical, not centered or too close to the bottom,” she said, “there won’t be enough support for the earrings.”

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The Quatela Center Welcomes Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alex Montague

On November 15, Dr. Alex Montague, a highly-trained facial plastic surgeon, will join Dr. Vito Quatela, Dr. William Koenig, Dr. Heather Lee, and Dr. Ashley Amalfi of the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery in Rochester, NY.  Dr. Montague specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery and hair restoration procedures. 

“I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Montague back to our practice.  During his fellowship and the subsequent years he’s been practicing in Kentucky, he has consistently shown exemplary skills.  He truly emulates our core values making him a wonderful addition to our practice,” said Dr. Vito Quatela.

“Dr. Montague is well known to us and has a great reputation for being an outstanding facial plastic surgeon.  His patients love him because he delivers wonderful patient care and truly cares about them.  We are thrilled to welcome him to the practice!” remarked Dr. William Koenig.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to welcome back Dr. Montague, an AAFPRS-trained facial plastic surgeon to our team.  With his experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, Dr. Montague is a welcome addition to our facial plastics team,” Dr. Heather Lee remarked.

“I am so excited to be part of an organization that is growing and evolving to meet our patients’ needs.  Dr. Montague will add his own expertise to the practice as we continue to offer the best possible experience to our patients,” added Dr. Amalfi.

Hailing from Ashland, Kentucky, Dr. Montague graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky in Lexington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He continued in his studies at the University of Louisville School of Medicine to complete his Doctor of Medicine degree.  During his undergraduate and graduate schooling, he was the recipient of several scholarships, along with being voted Most Outstanding Chemical Engineering Junior.  In 2012, he was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society and Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.

After completing his five-year residency at West Virginia University Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery in Morgantown, West Virginia, he came to the Quatela Center to complete his AAFPRS Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship under Dr. Quatela.  During this time, he developed expertise in facial plastic surgery with a focus on both aesthetic and functional procedures, including facelift, cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, forehead lift, injectables, Mohs repair, eyelid lift, and hair restoration.  Dr. Montague is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

To learn more about Dr. Montague and/or the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, visit Quatela.com or call 585.244.1000.

The Balancing Act | One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey

Dr. Ashley Amalfi was interviewed in 2019 for Lifetime’s The Balancing Act to help share one breast cancer patient’s reconstruction journey.  Watch the full story below.

2020 Welcomes the “Zoom Effect”: Top Medical Professionals Weigh in on Online Engagement and the Cosmetic Procedure Industry

Drs. Vito Quatela and Heather Lee were featured in an article about social media, online engagement, and plastic surgery.

Dr. Quatela shares that they “have seen an increase in interest in cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty for one, and an increase in awareness of appearance.” He expands, expressing that since a lot of individuals now work from home, they are seeing “a Zoom effect, same as the selfie effect, where people are seeing a 4k image of themselves, which is equivalent to looking in a magnifying mirror.” Additionally, people have more privacy to recover “due to working from home and having masks cover their faces.” Dr. Lee weighs in on the effects of social media saying that it has “created an online, virtual world where people see themselves and what they are projecting more closely.” She emphasizes that they “are also no longer limited geographically; patients come from all over as social media in part has broadened the scope of influence.”

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Giving Back What Cancer Takes Away

Dr. Amalfi was featured by her alma mater, Our Lady of Mercy, in their newsletter where she spoke about how her education at Mercy spurred her on to success, and how she is using that to mentor other young women.⁣

Read the full article here.

Personal Experiences of Two of Dr. Koenig’s Mommy Makeover Patients | Harper’s BAZAAR Interview

Two of Dr. Koenig‘s patients were recently interviewed by Harper’s BAZAAR to talk about their experiences with the mommy makeover procedure.  A mommy makeover procedure generally consists of a tummy tuck, some liposuction, and a breast procedure, whether it be a breast lift, breast lift with implants, breast augmentation, or breast reduction.  To learn more about their personal experiences, watch the full video below.


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Vito C. Quatela, M.D., FACS Vito C. Quatela, M.D., FACS

Vito C. Quatela, M.D., FACS

Specializes in Facial Procedures

Compassionate and dedicated to personalized patient care, Dr. Quatela is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon recognized worldwide for his expertise in facial rejuvenation. He established the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery in Rochester, New York to provide excellence in aesthetic surgery.

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Dr. William J. Koenig Dr. William J. Koenig

William j. Koenig, M.D.

Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Koenig's experience and gentle bedside manner help put patients at ease and build an uncommon level of trust. He meticulously customizes each procedure, and sculpts beautiful results that consistently exceed his patients' expectations.

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Dr. Heather Lee Dr. Heather Lee

Heather Lee, M.D.

Specializes in Facial Procedures

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a board-certified otolaryngologist–head and neck surgeon, Dr. Lee is dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children by using her surgical talents. She specializes in procedures of the face and head including facelift, functional and cosmetic nose surgery, blepharoplasty, and injectable treatments.

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Ashley N. Amalfi, M.D. Ashley N. Amalfi, M.D.

Ashley N. Amalfi, M.D.

Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures

Recognizing the unique goals and desires of each of her patients, Dr. Amalfi uses her attention to detail and experience to create personalized surgical outcomes for her patients. A board-certified plastic surgeon, she specializes in cosmetic breast and body procedures.

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Dr. Alex Montague, M.D. at Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery Dr. Alex Montague, M.D. at Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery

Alex Montague, M.D.

Specializes in Facial Procedures

Known for his exemplary skills in both technique and patient care, Dr. Montague is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon. He specializes in cosmetic and functional facial surgery and injectable treatments.

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