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Women and men searching for the best plastic surgeons from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse have many resources. Some of the most popular—and reliable—resources are verified reviews posted by actual patients on respected, independent websites such as RealSelf, Google, and Vitals.com. Reading what previous patients say about their results and experiences is a valuable tool.

Discover the wide range of options we offer at the Quatela Center when you request a consultation using our online form. Or call our office at (585) 244-1000 to schedule your appointment. Patients travel to our Rochester plastic surgery practice from throughout New York and out-of-state to receive our team’s unsurpassed care.


Featured Reviews

I had breast augmentation 20 yrs ago and needed them replaced. I found Dr. Amalfi by searching for a cosmetic surgeon. I was very impressed with her after reading about her. I went for my consultation and knew I picked the right Surgeon. Dr. Amalfi is the sweetest Dr. I have ever had, and her staff are also so kind. I am ver y happy with my results and my whole experience. I highly recommend Dr. Amalfi, she is a true artist.

Business Owner replied on May 25, 2023:

Thank you so much for your recommendation of Dr. Amalfi! We greatly appreciate your kind words and that you've shared about your experience!

I am so happy with my results they are everything I asked for and more ! The staff is so nice and comforting through out the entire process I highly recommend !!!

Business Owner replied on May 22, 2023:

Thank you so much for your recommendation! We greatly appreciate you sharing about your experience!

I recently underwent plastic surgery performed by Dr. Koenig and I cannot express how grateful and impressed I was with the entire experience. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, Dr. Koenig and his staff exhibited the utmost professionalism, compassion, and expertise. He and his staff answered all my questions, which helped ease any anxiety I had. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Koenig for anyone seeking exceptional plastic surgery results combined with a caring and supportive environment!

Business Owner replied on May 22, 2023:

Thank you so much for sharing about your experience with Dr. Koenig and the Quatela Center! We are so appreciative of your kind words and thankful for your recommendation!

Three weeks ago, I saw Dr. Montague for a lower blepharoplasty and temporal lift! I think anyone would be blown away by my results after only 3 weeks. I am healing incredibly, and have received great support and guidance from the team at Quatela! I went in for a consultation about a year ago, after my face hit fast forward on the clock and aged rapidly, following just 10lb of weight loss in my mid-30s. I was NOT ready for this, and it hit my confidence hard. I felt like I looked gaunt and skeleton-like. My under-eyes were hollow and my crows feet drew lines down my entire face. Throughout life, I had grown some insecurities around the shape of my eyes, and it was definitely a sore spot— now with the added insecurity of aging. Even before this, I had often worn sunglasses, since childhood, to hide my eyes. While I fully love myself and had grown to accept my perceived imperfections, this was something I was interested in looking into. Dr. Montague heard my concerns and came up with a plan that could help me feel more comfortable in my skin. He assured me that he could achieve my desired appearance while keeping any changes subtle and natural. Dr. Montague definitely delivered! I feel refreshed, several years younger, and like I now have a new beginning on the aging process (after smoking and tanning in my early 20s). I haven’t even worn makeup since before the procedure because the insecurities are gone. I am incredibly thankful that I can feel comfortable in my own skin— really, for the first time ever. Additionally, the skill, precision, responsiveness, bedside manner— all of it was fantastic. I felt well-cared for before and after my procedure, and with every interaction with the team at Quatela. They made sure my comfort was prioritized and that I felt validated and supported. I would recommend this incredible surgeon, practice, and team to anyone who is ready for a change.

Business Owner replied on May 20, 2023:

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so happy to hear about your experience. Thank you for being open and sharing your story! We greatly appreciate your recommendation of Dr. Montague and the team at the Quatela Center!

I did a hair transplant, they had a goal of 1800-2200 follicle transplants, but were able to achieve 2550. Great job, super professional, do not go to a cheap place, lots of small things that really matter. Ultimately they really took care of me during and even after the procedure, very happy with the outcome too. Highly recommend

Business Owner replied on May 20, 2023:

Thank you for sharing about your experience with a hair transplant procedure! We greatly appreciate your review and recommendation!

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Business Owner replied on May 6, 2023:

Thank you for your review!

Absolutely can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Montague. My mom went to him for fillers and her results were amazing, so I scheduled an appointment for myself as well. Dr. Montague took the time to listen to my concerns with how previous fillers from other facilities had settled in my lips in areas that I was unhappy with and he made sure to use the best filler for me based on what I mentioned. He paid close attention to the areas needed some extra “care” so my filler won’t migrate. I’m so happy with my results, I will absolutely keep going to Dr. Montague at Quatela!

Business Owner replied on May 6, 2023:

Thank you so much for sharing about your experience! We're so thankful for your kind words and review, and happy to hear about your satisfaction with Dr. Montague!

Dr. Amalfi and her team were amazing to work with! They made the whole process seemly, and I couldn't be happier with my results!

Business Owner replied on Apr 30, 2023:

Thank you so much for sharing about your experience! We're so happy for you!

Dr. Amalfi is an absolute artist. I’m two weeks out from a mommy makeover with breast lift and upper back lipo and I’m almost completely recovered already. The first 4 or 5 days were pretty sore but never unmanageable. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and will follow your wish list to perfection. I cannot believe how life changing this surgery already is for me. Zero regrets!

Business Owner replied on Apr 30, 2023:

Thank you for your kind words! We greatly appreciate that you've taken the time to share about your experience! So exciting!

Doctor Lee was extremely knowledgeable and took her time explaining every step of my surgery I am extremely satisfied with The Quatela group but especially with Doctor Lee and her professionalism and kindness

Business Owner replied on Apr 30, 2023:

Thank you for your review! We're so happy to hear about your experience at the Quatela Center with Dr. Lee!