Buttock Augmentation in Rochester, NY

Buttock Augmentation Rochester NY

Buttock augmentation can be performed by using silicone implants or from body fat, which is also known as fat transfer.

Buttock augmentation surgery is designed to enhance the size of the buttocks using either silicone implants or a fat transfer. During the procedure, Dr. William J. Koenig or Dr. Emese Kalnoki can reshape, enlarge, and firm the appearance of the buttocks in order to achieve a more proportionate, youthful, or full look.

Typically patients who desire buttock augmentation surgery feel they do not have enough fatty tissue in the buttocks. Buttocks that appear flat or sunken can often be improved with surgical augmentation. Dr. Koenig or Dr. Kalnoki can reshape and add fullness to any part of the buttocks in order to achieve optimum results for their patients.

Benefits of Buttock Augmentation Surgery

The butt augmentation can help patients achieve a look they've always wanted, restore lost volume to the buttocks area, create a more youthful appearance, or give balance to the body's proportions. Regardless of the augmentation method used, patients of this procedure may also feel more self-confident, have an improved self-image, and experience higher satisfaction with the way clothes fit around the lower part of the body.

William J. Koenig, M.D.

Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Koenig's experience and gentle bedside manner help put patients at ease and build an uncommon level of trust. He meticulously customizes each procedure, and sculpts beautiful results that consistently exceed his patients' expectations.

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Buttock Augmentation Consultation

Prior to your buttock augmentation procedure, Dr. Koenig will meet with you for a personal, one-on-one consultation appointment to discuss your goals and expected surgical results. . Your previous medical history will be discussed, as well as any current medical conditions you may have that might delay healing, previous surgeries you have had, and current medications and supplements you are taking. Dr. Koenig will also examine the buttocks to determine the degree of lost volume and the best methods for achieving optimum results.

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The Ideal Candidates for Buttock Augmentation Surgery

All candidates for buttock augmentation surgery must in good overall health, not smoke, and have realistic expectations for their surgical results. Additionally, prospective buttock augmentation patients should understand the recovery associated with buttock augmentation surgery. Discuss your options with Dr. Koenig to get his professional opinion and to decide if you would be a good candidate for a buttock augmentation surgery.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttock augmentation surgery is most often performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure may vary based on the methods Dr. Koenig will use to augment the buttocks. For a silicone implant, a small incision will be made in the natural crease at the central area of the buttock to conceal any future scarring. The silicone implants will then be inserted through this incision and placed on top of the gluteus maximus muscle. This surgical approach typically takes about two to three hours to perform.

Fat transfer is a multi-step process that can achieve realistic and long-lasting results. To perform this type of buttock augmentation, Dr. Koenig will first use liposuction to collect fat cells from a donor area on the body, often the thighs or abdomen. The fat cells will then be processed and purified. Often, only about 35% of the fat cells collected will qualify for safe re-injection into the treatment site of the buttocks. The fat transfer approach to buttock augmentation can take slightly longer, based on how much fatty tissue is being collected and injected.

Recovery from Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Following buttock augmentation surgery, patients will return home within the same day. Pain medication is prescribed to alleviate some of the soreness of the buttocks area during the first few days of recovery. Patients will not be able to sit or lie on their backs for about three weeks, so returning to work may not be possible for most until after that time. Driving, working at a desk, and many athletic activities must be avoided for up to three weeks as well.

Choosing the Right Buttock Augmentation Surgeon

At Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. William J. Koenig provides buttock augmentation patients with personalized and customized care to deliver the results they are looking for. As a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in body procedures, Dr. Koenig offers his patients experience and expertise in body contouring surgeries like the buttock augmentation procedure.

Buttock Augmentation FAQ'S

How long does buttock augmentation surgery last?

Most buttock augmentation surgeries last two to four hours, but the timeframe may vary based on how much volume is being added and through which surgical means.

When will I be able to go back to work?

Because of limited mobility and restricted body positions, buttock augmentation patients cannot return to work for about three weeks. Sitting and lying on your back won't be permitted during this time, so you must stand or lie on your stomach until instructed otherwise by Dr. Koenig.

Where does Dr. Koenig perform buttock augmentation surgeries?

Dr. Koenig performs his outpatient surgeries at the Lindsay House Surgery Center, a fully licensed multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center located at the Quatela Center in Rochester, New York.

Will there be a scar following buttock augmentation surgery?

With buttock augmentation surgery, the scars tend to be well hidden in the natural creases between the butt cheeks. Scarring can take up to 12 months to fully heal but Dr. Koenig can talk with you more about embrace™ Advanced Scar Therapy, a treatment that minimizes scar formation during the healing process.

How are fat cells gathered for buttock augmentation surgery?

Dr. Koenig will apply liposuction techniques to collect fat cells from another location on the body. This must be an area with a larger amount of fatty tissue so that he can extract enough to perform your augmentation procedure.

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