PrecisionTx™ for Hyperhidrosis

Over four million people in the U.S. are affected by severe, excessive sweating, a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. If underarm sweating causes you discomfort, embarrassment, and anxiety, visit the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery in Rochester for PrecisionTx™. Our patients from Syracuse, Buffalo, and throughout New York choose this minimally invasive in-office procedure because it treats sweating in the underarm area with just a single treatment.1

For more information about how PrecisionTx can free you from the embarrassment caused by excessive sweating, request a consultation using the online form to meet personally with Dr. Koenig, or call our office at (585) 244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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PrecisionTx™ targets the source of the problem by applying heat energy underneath the skin directly on the sweat glands. Downtime is minimal, and only a local anesthetic is used.

Dr. William J. Koenig Dr. William J. Koenig

William J. Koenig, M.D.

Specializes in Breast & Body Procedures

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Koenig's experience and gentle bedside manner help put patients at ease and build an uncommon level of trust. He meticulously customizes each procedure, and sculpts beautiful results that consistently exceed his patients' expectations.

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Dr. Emese Kalnoki Dr. Emese Kalnoki

Emese Kalnoki, M.D.

Specializes in Body Contouring & Breast Procedures

A talented artist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kalnoki specializes in plastic surgery after weight loss or pregnancy and other body contouring procedures. As a woman, Dr. Kalnoki brings a unique perspective to the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery.

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PrecisionTx™ FAQ's

Does the PrecisionTx treatment hurt?

A local anesthetic is used to numb the underarm area so patients feel little to no discomfort during their treatment. A pain medication may be prescribed by the doctor at their discretion based upon the patient's level of discomfort.

Will I need a ride after the treatment?

For your comfort, we recommend that you have a ride to and from the treatment. If you have pain medication at the time of the treatment, you will need a ride.

Where is the treatment done?

The treatment is done as an in-office procedure in one of our medical exam rooms.

How many treatments will I need?

PrecisionTx typically treats underarm sweating with only one treatment, although individual experiences vary.1

How long will the results last after my treatment?

Results are long-lasting—at least a year for many patients; however, your results may vary.1

Are there any side effects from the treatment?

Slight swelling and irritation may occur at the incision site, but typically resolve within a few days.

Will I need stitches?

A small incision is made above the armpit and no stitch is required.

When can I return to work?

Patients can return to work immediately following their treatment.

Does the treatment address odor as well?

Yes, it does.

Who is an ideal candidate for this procedure?

Anyone who is concerned with underarm sweating and/or odor is a candidate.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure takes about one hour.

What should I bring to my appointment?

It is suggested that you wear a loose fitting shirt, preferably a zip up. You can also bring a device to listen to music during the treatment.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Expect to have a moderate amount of swelling and drainage. You may also experience some lumpiness which you will be instructed to massage. Do not use deodorant and do not shave for 7 days following treatment. Exercise routines can be resumed based on doctor's recommendation.

Can I have this treatment if I am pregnant?

No, you cannot.

How much does this treatment cost?

Please call our office at 585.244.1000 and ask to speak to a Patient Consultant regarding pricing information.

1 Caplin D, Austin J, Clinical evaluation and quantitative analysis of axillary hyperhidrosis treated with a unique targeted laser energy delivery method with 1-year follow up., J Drugs Dermatol. 2014 Apr;13(4):449-56.

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