New York Eyelid Surgery Review 21085

New York Eyelid Surgery Review 21085

“I was a 63 year old women in good health when I went to Dr. Quatela’ s office for a consultation on my “droopy” eyelids. I had done my research and his reputation preceded him, he was world renowned, one of the best, if not the best, plastic surgeons in the field. As I’ve aged, my eyelids began to sag/droop and affect my vision, they were actually drooping to the point that they touched my upper eyelashes. I began to struggle on a daily basis to try to force my eyes to open wider so I could see better. My eyes were always tired and I began to feel self-conscience about my appearance. I found Dr. Quatela to be very personable, professional and informative. I felt right at ease from the moment I met him. He inspected my eyes and proceeded to explain how the whole process went. He told me he thought I was probably an excellent candidate for the operation based on how much my eyelids had sagged. He sent me for testing with my ophthalmologist to confirm that my vision was being affected by my “droopy” lids. The test was positive, my vision was being compromised. Upon receipt of my testing, I was contacted by the office and the ball was set in motion. I met with the business office and other staff who completed paperwork for me, took pictures and went through exactly what the process would be and then set the magical date for my operation.

On the day of my operation I was quickly escorted into the pre-op area where I changed into my gown and was prepped for surgery (the wrist ban, IV, booties for my feet). I was then seen by the medical staff that would be involved in my procedure. Dr. Quatela came in shortly before my surgery. He again explained what he would be doing and asked if I had any questions. The last person I met was the anesthesiologist. I was nervous about the operation but was quickly put at ease by everyone I encountered. The operation went smoothly and was over with before I knew it. The discomfort level was very, very tolerable. I really wasn’t in any severe pain, even after all the meds wore off.

Before I left the medical center I was given very specific post-op instructions to follow as well as follow-up appointments (I believe I had six (6) follow-ups). At each appointment I was given a very thorough exam to see how I was healing, remove the stitches and to check if I was having any difficulties. All my concerns were address and I was treated extremely well by competent/friendly personnel.

I am now a 65 years old and my eyes look amazing, no scarring, my eyes no longer feel tired and I am no longer self-conscience about my appearance. I can wear eye make-up and it looks fabulous! My overall experience with Dr. Quatela and his staff was beyond exceptional. I cannot begin to state how wonderful it was to deal with this very qualified and amazing group of medical personnel. I would highly recommend Dr. Qua tel a to anyone in search of an extremely qualified Plastic Surgeon and associated staff. He has one of the nicest bedside manners I’ve ever encountered. He is a very caring Doctor as is his staff and to say his work is flawless is an understatement! I’m very happy to have had such a wonderful experience and the outcome is better than I could ever have imagined.”

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