New York Facelift and Neck Lift Review 21060

New York Facelift and Neck Lift Review 21060

“After considering cosmetic surgery for a while, I decided last year to act upon it. Being a man, I didn’t have much knowledge about the options available, I think women are more likely to know others who have had experiences and recommendations. I didn’t have that luxury and didn’t know what to expect.

After doing some research online I made an appointment for consultation at the Quatela Center. It was the one place I had heard spoken of highly. I met with Dr. Quatela who after evaluating me and what I hoped to achieve, suggested aface lift to correct sagging of my chin and neck and fat injections to improve cheeks and under my eyes. I was immediately impressed not just by Dr. Quatela’s knowledge and experience, but by the entire staff at the Lindsay House. There was sense of teamwork among everyone that really was surpassed by a feeling that they worked together almost like a family.

I had the surgery in November and the experience was just as professional with family like teamwork in pre-op and post-op. It quickly becomes obvious that everyone works together to provide quality care and achieve the highest results. It actually makes the experience, well, a pleasure. I chose to spend the night in the carriage house at the center. It was as comfortable as a fine hotel, with a very competent and friendly AN. Personally I was very happy I chose to stay the night, I was very comfortable.

Four months have passed since the surgery and I am very pleased with the results. I get many remarks about how good ……. or at least how much younger I look. Most are not sure why, but they certainly notice the difference. I usually choose to tell them, but you don’t have to, let them guess. I look at the procedure as being an exciting experience, an adventure. That which is behind me and all that’s ahead of me. Try it, you’ll love it!”

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