New York Facelift Review 21058

“I found Dr. Lee after much research and a disappointing consult with another plastic surgeon, who told me that at age 63, I was not a candidate for a lower facelift. Two months after my lower lift by Dr. Lee, I could not be happier. Her surgical technique is unequalled – I had almost no bruising and beautiful, immediate results. (What’s best is that Dr. Lee includes the neck, which makes everything look better.)

While I had extraordinary confidence that the surgery and recovery would go well because of Dr. Lee, I very apprehensive about my decision to have dermabrasion around my mouth. While it is the most effective way to reduce the pesky fine lines above my lip, I was worried about the recovery. Dr. Lee and her staff could not have been more attentive – from providing detailed instructions on how to care for the area post-procedure to the encouragement I needed along the way. My recovery was far better than anticipated – healing was rapid, and I could successfully cover the area with makeup after 10 days. The results are amazing.

Dr. Lee and her staff provide an extraordinary level of support. They are available 24/7 and make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident. I would strongly encourage surgical patients to stay in the carriage house. Staying in this boutique accommodation with a private nurse got my recovery off to an excellent start. I’m deeply appreciative to Dr. Lee and all her staff for their encouragement, excellent work and attention to every detail.”

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