New York Labiaplasty Review 21064

“I have been considering labiaplasty for nearly ten years, mainly for ascetics. I knew about the Quatela center as I had purchased products from the medspa and followed Dr. Amalfi on Instagram. I saw a video Dr. Amalfi had posted about labiaplasty which led me to schedule a consultation. Dr. Amalfi had great bedside manner and I felt very at easy when she explained the procedure. The procedure (labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction) itself took less than an hour. I was supplied with an anxiolytic before hand which I took on arrival to the surgery center. I was awake and talked to Dr. Amalfi the entire time. The recovery was not too bad; I did have some mild discomfort and itching during the week post-op. I did take the prescribed narcotics for the first 48 hrs. I called the office since the itching was fairly annoying and was seen earlier than my scheduled post op appointment during which I had a few sutures removed with subsequent immediate relief. Overall, I am satisfied with the result. My labia are small and hidden and my clitoris is slightly smaller. I appreciate Dr. Amalfi is conservative in the clitoral hood reduction as I have read horror stories on with women having accidental amputation. My only regret is I did not have this procedure sooner. Of note, I am a little over 30 without children. I would encourage women who are younger and considering labiaplasty to just do it. I feel so much more confident and do not even think about my labia anymore.”

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