New York Tummy Tuck Review 21066

“When I was a professional woman in my forties, I was not satisfied with my appearance. I had a disproportionate body shape that never changed in spite of diet and exercise. I knew that addressing this issue would require a medical intervention that would require a consummate surgeon. I began researching cosmetic surgeons in the Rochester and Buffalo metropolitan areas. I attended an educational seminar at Lindsay House. Dr. Koenig and Dr. Quatela gave presentations focusing on the art and science of beauty. They explained the benefits and limitations of surgical procedures in a factual and straightforward manner. After each presentation they answered questions from the audience in a sincere and professional manner. I knew that my search for a cosmetic surgeon had ended. I was so confident that I called my husband from the parking lot and said that Quatela Center was the medical practice for me. I scheduled the first of many consultations with Dr. Koenig and our on-going 15-year relationship began.

Throughout these many years, while I always desire the anticipated outcome of an improved physical appearance, I still find the prospect of having surgery to be somewhat frightening and intimidating. Despite having had several surgical procedures, I find myself usually scheduling two consultations with Dr. Koenig to go over the procedure that I am contemplating. I always take as much time as I need to make the final decision to proceed with the surgery. Each and every time, Dr. Koenig patiently listened to my concerns, reviewed the process, and explained the anticipated outcomes and possible complications. He has been exceptionally patient, supportive and reassuring every time I have been concerned about a particular procedure.

Dr. Koenig told me once that it takes “guts” to change your appearance In a dramatic way. I certainly concur. I find his perspective so encouraging. He also told me that life Is all about being responsible to do the very best for yourself. I know that having Dr. Koenig, as my surgeon is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Dr. Koenig Is a consummate surgeon who takes his profession as a
physician very seriously. He is not a “drive thru” cosmetic surgeon who is willing to perform any surgery from a menu of possible procedures at the request of a patient. He Is contemplative and thorough in his analysis and does not succumb to pressure if he feels that a particular surgery will not produce the desired outcome for the patient. He will politely explain his concern but will decline to perform the surgery. Dr. Koenig does not compromise his professional principles. Consequently, he Is so trustworthy.
As a patient, I have trusted him with my life many times without question. I know Dr. Koenig will always tell me the truth.

I find that he is conservative In his consultation. He is understated when he explains a prospective surgical outcome. He aims high and my surgical results have always exceeded what he described and what I had expected.

It Is reassuring to me to find that he lives the healthy life style he expects from his patients. He is positive, kind, well groomed, energetic and determined. My last procedure was the last one on his schedule during a very busy day. When he came In to check on me and to reassure me that everything had gone well he mentioned that he was going to jog home but
would be available all evening if I had any medical issues. As one is resting in recovery, Is a most comforting when Dr. Koenig calls to check on you. I am so grateful to Dr. Koenig for all he has done for me.”

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