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HUGS Foundation

Dr. Vito Quatela Charity in Rochester, NY

In 2003, Dr. Vito Quatela, Rochester based facial plastic surgery specialist, founded The HUGS Foundation, Inc. (Help Us Give Smiles). He believes that every child has the fundamental right to a full and enriching childhood. Every girl and boy should experience play, follow his or her curiosity and know joy. Dr. Quatela wants to use his surgical skills to correct facial deformities on children. Not only does surgery correct the deformity, it helps children feel normal again, restoring their confidence and preventing alienation by their community.

Our mission is to deliver free medical care to children and adolescents challenged by a wide array of physical conditions remedied through surgery. HUGS helps children develop into confident, secure and responsible individuals free from their congenital conditions.

This mission is performed in underdeveloped countries including Vietnam, Guatemala and Ecuador. Since inception in 2003, our medical mission teams have gone on 13 mission trips and have performed over 700 surgical procedures. These teams consist of world class doctors, nurses and volunteers. The volunteers dedicate their time, knowledge and passion to help change children’s lives.

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