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History of the House

The Lindsay House at Rochester, NYThe Lindsay House was built in 1878 by Alexander Millar Lindsay, of Sibley, Lindsay and Curr. He built the house for his wife, four daughters and three sons. The house was a three-story Victorian mansion designed by James G. Cutler. The homestead extended from Barrington to Berkeley, and from East Avenue to Park Avenue.

Over the next twenty years, considerable changes were made to the house. In 1900, the sun room was added. It was the “crowning glory” to Mr. Lindsay’s creation and provided the future setting for the weddings of all four Lindsay daughters.

The sun room overlooks a boxwood rose garden originally designed by renowned landscape architect Allen DeForest. DeForest also designed gardens and landscapes for Eastman, Bausch, Lomb and Gannett in the Rochester area. Mr. Lindsay resided in the home until his death in 1923. He was eulogized by George Eastman in a wake conducted in the sun room.

The home remained in the Lindsay family until the late 1940’s when it was donated to the Rochester Health Association, which provided needed community services, including Operation Friendship.


Impeccable Restoration

The Lindsay House in Rochester, New York

The Lindsay House came on the market and was purchased by Vito C. Quatela, M.D. in 1992. Dr. Quatela soon entered into a complete historical restoration and expansion project on the house’s exterior, interior and gardens. During the restoration project, the historic garden was painstakingly moved off site to a nursery. It was returned to the site in sections and replanted in its original 1900 form when renovations were completed.

The Lindsay House is now home to the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Lindsay House Surgery Center, Quatela Center for Hair Restoration and Q the Medical Spa at Lindsay House located on the third floor.

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