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Neck Lift


Not all patients feel the need for a full facelift: instead, their focus is on the excess skin hanging down from the chin and neck.

When excess neck skin is removed, often the skin of the face – which now looks more lax than before next to the newly tightened skin of the neck – gives the appearance of bunching in front of the ears, resulting in an unnatural look that most patients are unsatisfied with. For this reason, most neck lifts are done with at least some degree of facelift to give a natural appearance.

A neck lift is not always the best option, and a properly qualified surgeon should closely examine each patient’s skin profile, bone structure, and even the motivation behind the request when suggesting a course of action.

One important consideration for patients is that a neck lift predominantly addresses only loose and saggy skin; while it might help some, it does not have a profound effect on surface wrinkles. Skin resurfacing is a technique that addresses these small lines resulting from genetics, aging, and sun exposure. There are several skin resurfacing techniques that may combine well with a neck lift, including chemical peels and laser surgery.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, neck and facelifts are among the most effective ways to reduce signs of aging and exhibit a more youthful and energetic appearance to the outside world. With the right doctor and enough research into the procedures and techniques, you can achieve the final result you always wanted.

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