Fat is the New Skinny
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It’s time to start thinking differently about fat. Men and women, especially those in middle age and beyond, need to understand that fat is actually very important in maintaining or restoring youthfulness in their face. When individuals lose a significant amount of weight, either from stress or diet, it takes a major toll on the appearance of their face. Often, fat loss in the face, also known as facial wasting, makes people appear tired and older than they are. By adding volume or fat back into the face, it actually helps people regain a more youthful appearance.

So, while maintaining a healthy weight is very important and strongly encouraged, don’t forget that volume can actually help you look younger and more rejuvenated. Here are some options to consider.

Today there are a variety of safe, FDA-approved injectable filler options for patients. Injectable fillers are a great way for patients to non-surgically restore volume with little to no downtime or recovery. While they are not permanent, they give patients the chance to see natural results with a quick, in-office treatment.

Voluma® is the first FDA-approved filler to correct age-related volume loss in the mid-face/cheek area. The cheeks and mid-face are the first areas to lose volume as we age, which causes them to appear sunken. Voluma® restores the cheek contour with a subtle lift which can also improve the appearance of the area underneath the eyes. Results from treatment can last for up to two years.

Sculptra® is a different type of filler that gives gradual results over time. Lost collagen is replenished and the injection continues to work as your own collagen develops. Treatment involves a series of injections over a few months, with each session building upon the last injection. This gives a natural result which can last for up to two years.

• Other injectable fillers are available for fine lines and wrinkles found around the eyes, the nasolabial folds, forehead, and lips. For a complete list of injectables available, visit the injectable page on our website.

For patients who would like a more permanent solution to volume loss, there are surgical options for the face. These provide a longer-lasting result that is just as natural.

Cheek implants give patients a permanent solution to create fuller, more defined cheeks. Made of biocompatible, synthetic materials, implants are anchored to the cheek bones to ensure stability. The incisions associated with the procedure are inside the mouth, so no visible scarring results. If a patient were to decide that they no longer wanted the implants, they could be removed.

Fat injections are another surgical way to augment the face. During surgery, your own fatty tissue is removed from elsewhere on the body through liposuction and then injected into areas of the face where deeper lines and wrinkles have formed. Much of the fat used is reabsorbed into the body, so results are not permanent.

To learn more about volume-restoring options available at the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, visit our website or call (585) 244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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