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Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Rochester NY

When there is a small amount of droop to the breast and good skin quality the breast can be given a “virtual” lift with implants alone.

This is often necessary when there has been deflation of the breasts after a pregnancy or deflation with weight loss. This technique is referred to as Dual Plane Breast Augmentation. The upper part of the implant is in the submuscular plane while the lower part is in the subglandular plane of dissection. This is adjusted intraoperatively so that the best breast shape can be obtained.

The concept behind dual plane breast augmentation is that when the muscular attachments of the pectoralis major at the inframammary fold are completely released, the upper pectoralis muscle is able to lift the attached gland to a higher position. The breast implant then fills in the volume needed to maintain this. Dual plane breast augmentation procedures result in a mature shaped breast rather than a more rounded shape. The major advantage is that there are no scars on the breast other than the augmentation scar. All patients who undergo dual plane breast augmentation are counseled that a breast lift may be necessary in the near or distant future if the breast shape is not desirable. Dr. Koenig has had to perform breast lifts in less than 5% of our dual plane breast augmentation patients.

Other risks and complications for dual plane breast augmentation are the same as for a conventional breast augmentation.

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