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hairmedica serum package

Are you looking for a convenient, non-surgical way to reduce hair loss? The Quatela Center for Hair Restoration now offers HairMedica Infusion Hair Restore System® Home Treatment Kits for both men and women.

This 3-step process for home use contains natural active ingredients proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair follicles to regrow while increasing hair follicle size to maximize hair restoration procedure results. The system is safe to use for both men and women.

The system includes:

  • Active Anchoring Solution®: Exfoliates the scalp and removes any cosmetic buildup and dead skin cells to prepare the scalp to receive solution
  • Active Anchoring Serum®: Reduces hair loss, increases supply of nutrients to hair, stimulates hair growth, and improves thickness and density of hair
  • LED Vibrating Derma Roller: Increases blood circulation to the roots and stimulates dormant follicles

HairMedica B&A

52 year old female patient. Results are from 3-month use of HairMedica Home Treatment Kit only.

4 Responses to DIY At-Home Hair Help

    • laurenb says:

      HairMedica is safe for color-treated hair and should not affect the color. Also, the melitane in the formula helps promote the regrowth of pigmented hair as opposed to low pigmented hairs.

  • John Dimitry says:

    Is this suggested for male pattern baldness?
    Q (Kathy Cosgrove) did a hair transplant in 2009.
    Dr Q said that while over 2,000 hairs were extracted from the harvest area I would still need another session to fill in.

    • laurenb says:

      HairMedica can be used to retain the hair you have and encourage some regrowth, but it isn’t a substitute for hair restoration surgery. We suggest you make an appointment to see Dr. Quatela since there has likely been more loss in the areas that weren’t transplanted. Please call our office at 585-244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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