Mommy Makeover: Options for Real Moms
Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery

“Comparing a normal post pregnancy body to a celeb’s is like expecting one’s face to look like an airbrushed and photo shopped magazine ad,” said Vivian Diller, a psychologist in New York.  “It’s just not realistic and leaves many moms falling short of expectations.  Bodies change for real women throughout real life.”

Moms will say that their greatest accomplishment is their children.  However, it’s hard to deny the toll that pregnancy and breastfeeding takes on the body.  There are many permanent, often irreversible changes to a woman’s body with pregnancy that affect the abdomen, breasts, and the way that fat is distributed.  The truth is, exercise only goes so far to improve muscle tone and skin that has been stretched usually does not return to its unstretched state.  Below are ways that each area of the body changes with pregnancy and childbirth:

Abdomen: The changes to the abdomen can be mild or severe after a pregnancy.  Stretch marks may develop and the muscle layer usually does not return to normal after pregnancy.  Loose skin and muscle layer may be the result, and this is not improved with diet or exercise.

Breasts: Pregnancy changes both the breast shape and structure.  Whether a woman breastfeeds or not, the breasts enlarge and firm fibrous tissue is replaced by glandular tissue for milk production.  After pregnancy or breast feeding are complete, the breast tissue shrinks but the skin remains stretched, often without enough breast tissue to fill it.

Lipodystrophy: The hormones of pregnancy might cause fat to be distributed differently.  Despite weight loss, the change in fat distribution may result in permanent contours that are undesirable.  Liposuction may help to remove excess fat and contour your body.

Fortunately, there are procedures that can help mothers regain their shape after childbirth to help them look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.  Designed specifically with moms in mind, the Mommy Makeover describes a customized group of procedures that benefit a woman after pregnancy and childbirth, and it allows patients to have both breast and body procedures done simultaneously.  Any combination of procedures such as a breast lift with or without implants, liposuction, and tummy tuck are combined to create a personalized surgical plan for each patient depending on her areas of concern.

While weight control and exercise cannot help most women regain their youthful body shape after having babies, it is important that a healthy diet and exercise routine is a part of your life.  This combined with a Mommy Makeover procedure will ensure the best long-term outcome.

One of the main struggles women have when considering a Mommy Makeover is “mommy guilt.”  Even though many women feel uncomfortable in their post-pregnancy bodies, they feel guilty for wanting to do something for themselves.  Women typically devote everything they have to their families, but they should not feel selfish for also doing something to build back confidence about their own bodies.  Moms have the best job in the world, and the joy and pride that comes from giving your children life is immeasurable.  Even with this great responsibility, you are allowed to also care for yourself and be happy and confident with your body.  If you are looking to repair some of the changes done by the tiny loves of your life, a Mommy Makeover procedure may be for you.

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