Q Beauty Awards Results
Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery

The results are in!  Thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Q Beauty Awards.  The answers that we received from you, our partners in beauty, are invaluable.

The overwhelming trend that we found was that people are well-rounded in their choice of skincare and beauty products.  Brand loyalty remains for products, however each person does not use the same brand for all of their skin, hair, and beauty needs.  A healthy mix-and-match of what works best for each person’s particular preferences was evident in the answers provided.

For favorite injectable treatment and one of the top beauty treatments that can’t be lived without, Botox® won by a majority.

We loved reading about your tried and true beauty tricks and go-to products, and we hope you’ll enjoy the results as well.  For more details on the top beauty treatments and products as voted by our patients, view the infographic below.



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