Top 3 Things to Start Doing Now to Prevent Wrinkles
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“Wrinkle treatment starts young, and it starts with you.” Dr. Vito Quatela

We asked Dr. Quatela about wrinkle treatment and management, and he shared with us the top three things to start doing now to prevent wrinkles:

“My belief is that wrinkle treatment starts young, and it starts with you.  So there are many things that you can do that are not only preventive, but they are also a treatment.

  1. For one thing, sunscreen and sun protection.
  2. Starting Retin-A early in life I find has been the most significant thing for patients. Of my patients who have been with me for over 25 years, those who started Retin-A when they were young look the best.  They have the least amount of wrinkles, their skin is turning over constantly, and there has been nothing like it and there is nothing on the horizon that’s going to replace it.
  3. The other thing is that you have to assess what causes the wrinkles.  If you are dealing with a motor problem, meaning you have muscles that are causing the wrinkles, you have to address that.  And again, Botox® in a young patient will prevent the wrinkles from forming.  If you have them already, sometimes Botox® alone will take care of a lot of them in the areas that can be treated.

So I think that there are simple measures that can be done early, sometimes they are preventative, that will really help with wrinkle management later in life.”

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    • laurenb says:

      Lisa, to learn more about Retin-A, please call Q the Med Spa at 585.244.1010 to make an appointment with an esthetician for a skin consultation. Retin-A is a prescription that needs evaluation first. Our spa can answer any questions you have about pricing and possible side effects. Thank you!

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