Labiaplasty is the minimally invasive surgical recontouring of the labia minora (inner lips), or occasionally the labia majora (outer lips), of the vaginal opening. This procedure helps women from Buffalo, Syracuse, and other New York communities correct changes that have occurred over time from childbirth, weight changes, and aging. During labiaplasty at our Rochester, NY practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Emese Kalnoki reshapes the vaginal opening to decrease chaffing from daily activities and sports and help women wear clothing and bathing suits more confidently.

To visit the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery in Rochester for labiaplasty by Dr. Kalnoki, request a consultation using the online form, or give our office a call at (585) 244-1000 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Emese Kalnoki Dr. Emese Kalnoki

Emese Kalnoki, M.D.

Specializes in Body Contouring & Breast Procedures

A talented artist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kalnoki specializes in plastic surgery after weight loss or pregnancy and other body contouring procedures. As a woman, Dr. Kalnoki brings a unique perspective to the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery.

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Your Consultation

During your private consultation, Dr. Kalnoki reviews your medical history including allergies, past conditions, and any medications you may be taking. She will perform a brief examination as well as listen to your desired cosmetic goals. She will also discuss any other procedures you may be interested in such as liposuction or breast augmentation.

Dr. Kalnoki additionally discusses any limitations of the labiaplasty procedure including all potential risks and complications. If labiaplasty is right for you, she creates an individualized surgical plan. Before the consultation is finished, our patient consultant meets with you to discuss cost, payment options, and scheduling the procedure.

Ideal Labiaplasty Candidates

The ideal labiaplasty candidate is a woman who is:

  • In overall good health
  • Wants a cosmetic and/or functional improvement of the labia
  • Has realistic goals and expectations about the results

Dr. Kalnoki can help determine after the consultation if labiaplasty is the right procedure to accommodate your unique needs.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty can be performed on the labia minora (inner labia) and/or the labia majora (outer labia). Dr. Kalnoki usually performs this procedure under general anesthesia. The excess skin of the labia is surgically removed and the area is closed with sutures. Any postoperative discomfort is managed with appropriately prescribed pain medications. The patient is given an ice pack after the procedure to reduce swelling.

Labiaplasty of the labia minora can help correct asymmetries, trauma that may have occurred during childbirth, or changes that have occurred over time.

Labiaplasty of the labia majora can reshape the labia majora that may be enlarged or sagging due to decreased elasticity of the skin with aging.

Recovery after Labiaplasty

Patients should expect labiaplasty recovery to take around two to five days. There may be mild discomfort after surgery. There may be some bruising and swelling of the labia, which should resolve two to six weeks after the procedure. Some drainage is expected and patients can use pads to absorb this. Patients should wear loose clothing around the incision sites and avoid using tampons until Dr. Kalnoki indicates otherwise. It is important that patients abstain from intercourse for six weeks following labiaplasty. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for one to two weeks following this procedure; however, light exercise such as walking is encouraged after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the labiaplasty procedure?

Labiaplasty takes around one hour to complete.

How long do I have to abstain from sexual intercourse after labiaplasty?

It is required to abstain from sexual intercourse for six weeks following labiaplasty.

What are the risks associated with labiaplasty?

There is little risk associated with labiaplasty, however, with any surgery, complications can occur. Some infrequent complications associated with labiaplasty include bleeding, infection, and scarring.

Is labiaplasty painful?

Mild postoperative discomfort and swelling is expected and can be managed with appropriately prescribed pain medications.

Is there visible scarring after labiaplasty?

There is minimal scarring after labiaplasty. The scars are barely visible and will continue to fade over time.

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