Real Patient Story | Labiaplasty
abdomen and legs of women with white sheet wrapped around waist

-by a 49-year-old patient of Dr. Ashley N. Amalfi, board-certified plastic surgeon

I always felt abnormal, and I never knew why men would say that my labia looked the way they did from too many partners (which is not true). Some women are born with larger labia. I had discomfort during sex and with certain clothing. I had been going to Q the Medical Spa for a long time for skin treatments, and I trusted and always talked with Julie. One time, I inquired about the vaginal laser, and she asked me what I was looking to fix. When explaining, she said it was more the appearance that I was looking to fix and the laser wasn’t going to achieve the outcome I was looking for. She referred me to Dr. Amalfi and even helped me set up my appointment.

My Labiaplasty Consultation Experience

I met with Dr. Amalfi, and she was warm and uplifting. She is beauty and brains! During my consultation, Dr. Amalfi drew on the area to show what the labia would look like and explained everything about the procedure. I trusted the staff and their opinions, and they never pushed anything on me. Only after I’d inquired about the labiaplasty procedure was I directed to what would be best. I was so happy this procedure could help me feel normal; I wanted my procedure that day!

My Labiaplasty Procedure

On the day of the procedure, the staff were all so welcoming and calming, it made me feel like I was at a spa day. I never felt like a procedure was being done. They numbed the area, and I took MKO Melts to relax me. Dr. Amalfi came in, we listened to music and talked about good movies and TV shows while she worked her magic. I had no pain during the procedure with some swelling and bleeding, but I could tell immediately that I was already happy with the results.

Labiaplasty Recovery

During post-op recovery, I used perineal pads to ice and rest. I had some discomfort, tingling and itchy, but it was not unbearable. The bleeding subsided by day 2, and I only took Tylenol Extra Strength. I kept the area clean with my squirt bottle and put Aquaphor on the incisions. By day 6, I felt normal; no pain, decreased swelling. After 2 weeks, I resumed my normal activities, with the exception of baths and the use of tampons.

Benefits of Labiaplasty

There are so many things I’d love to say about this surgery. Mainly, I want to tell women that after feeling abnormal and not confident about my sexuality because I always looked different, now I feel confident, beautiful, but mainly, I feel normal. This procedure is a personal one. No doctors or any medical staff had referred me to anyone regarding my concerns; people don’t discuss it, and I am thankful I inquired with Julie, who I trust, about the laser. I am so happy and pleased with this surgery, and I feel that more women should be aware that it’s available so they don’t have to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable during sex and when wearing certain clothes.

*Experience and opinion are that of this particular patient.  Individual results vary.

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