Your Journey to Surgery Starts Here: From Patient Consultant Melissa’s Point of View
Melissa Urso

-by Melissa Urso, Patient Consultant for Dr. Ashley N. Amalfi, board-certified plastic surgeon

My journey at the Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery has been an exciting experience.  It all started back in late 2004 when I heard about an opening as the Front Desk Receptionist when Julie Chatt, one our long-time nurse practitioners, called me about it and helped me set up an interview.  Julie and I had worked together previously at URMC for years in Sleep Medicine.  I was hired and quickly joined the team, and my new career started.

I have had various roles over my years at the Quatela Center, including Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Assistant, Patient Consultant for several doctors, and an assistant to the Patient Consultant team, as well as other temporary positions as they were needed in the company.  Throughout this journey, I have met so many amazing co-workers and patients, and watched the practice grow.

My most recent, and favorite, position has been working with Dr. Ashley Amalfi as her Patient Consultant.  Dr. Amalfi and I work side-by-side to make our patients’ experience at our practice the very best it can be.  Because of what we do, we get to know many of our patients on a personal level.  We understand that it’s not easy to make that first phone to a surgeon’s office and talk about their insecurities, so we take great care in listening to our patients’ concerns, desires, and needs.  Each patient is different, and that’s the part that makes my job new and exciting every day.

What you can expect during your journey at the Quatela Center

The first time you may come into contact with me is by phone when you inquire about a specific body procedure or injectable.  I will walk you through your questions, concerns, the cost, and how to schedule a visit with Dr. Amalfi, and I will continue to serve as your point of contact throughout the entire process.  I will be your guide during the surgical process from the time you start to think about surgery and make the first call, to one year after surgery when we are reviewing your final beautiful results.

During your initial consultation visit with Dr. Amalfi, you will meet with her and myself to discuss the surgical options.  At the start of your visit, one of our nurses will first review your medical history, your areas of concern, and all your current medications.  The next step in the visit is taking surgical photos.  Photos aren’t anyone’s favorite part of the appointment, but they play an important role and allow you another visual to really appreciate the changes after surgery.  Dr. Amalfi uses these photos to plan the specifics for your surgery. Dr. Amalfi will review the risks, complications, recovery time, and answer all your questions about the procedure(s) that you’ve discussed.  The consultation visit usually lasts one hour.  I will be present during your conversation with the surgeon, and we will all work together on your final surgical plan. Once a plan is completed, you will finish out your visit with me in my office.  At that time, we will review the surgical recommendations.  The cost will be presented to you and explained in great detail.  Each patient will take home pre- and post-operative instructions for their specific procedure(s) to review later.  Surgical dates are also reviewed at this time.  Once a surgery date is chosen, the next step is to schedule your pre-operative visit.  This visit is about 3 weeks prior to your surgery.  Our amazing team of NPs and PAs will review your surgical consents and instructions to prepare you for the big day.

We have a beautiful fully-accredited ambulatory surgery center that is private and under the same roof as our office, which has two operating rooms on the first floor of the building.  Our amazing and skilled all-female surgical team will calm your nerves the day of surgery and take care of you from start to finish.  I can promise that you are in the best of hands with Dr. Amalfi.  She is a true artist and perfectionist.

My role as a Patient Consultant is to make this experience the best that it can be for you.  I have spent 16 years in this practice, and I am happy to continue to make connections with my patients and help each patient’s surgical dreams come true.  To speak to me about a procedure with Dr. Amalfi, please call our office at (585) 244-1000.


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