Why Sex Doesn’t Always Sell
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-by Lauren Andreacchi, Patient Consultant for Dr. William J. Koenig, double board-certified plastic surgeon

Often in the media and society, plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, are sexualized and seen as a way to improve the sexuality of women or better their sexual relationships.

At the Quatela Center, we have always held the view that plastic surgery is a very personal choice and should be one made by the patient themselves, not a decision made out of pressure from others. We were recently inspired by a patient’s comments about her research process in finding a surgeon. In her browsing, she found that many plastic surgery practice websites describe breast augmentation as something women should do for men or for sexual reasons. When in fact, often this is not the primary reason that patients want to pursue breast augmentation. This view toward the motivations behind breast augmentation concerned this particular patient who felt that she would not be able to trust other doctors to meet her needs, that they would be more concerned with making her breasts look ideal for men instead of achieving her specific goals.

We have always celebrated the different body types that makes us unique and human. Many of our processes in regards to breast augmentation reflect this belief that the purpose of the surgery is not to create identical unrealistic results in patients, but to enhance and accentuate each individual figure.

The Sizing Process

When it comes to sizing for breast implants, Dr. Koenig’s process is different than most. He takes measurements of the patient’s current breast tissue, giving the patient a specific range of implants to work within. Together with Dr. Koenig and the clinic team, the patient can then determine what size and profile is best for them based on their cosmetic goals, not ours. Another common practice with other doctors is determining which implant size to use when in the operating room, but Dr. Koenig never waits until he’s in surgery to choose the size of the implants. The choice is made by the patient prior to surgery taking place, even if a patient makes the request that Dr. Koenig choose the day of surgery. This way, the patient knows the result she can expect.

Furthermore, we believe that patient satisfaction is higher when patients are able to choose what they want their aesthetic outcome to be as opposed to us deciding for them. The national average for patients having reoperation is 20% for implant size changes alone, while Dr. Koenig has only had 1-2% of patients request an implant change from their previous surgery with him.

Do it for Yourself!

We’ve always found that our best, most-qualified patients are those who are motivated to have breast augmentation surgery for themselves and not for others. While they may benefit from feeling more self-confident in intimate situations, the motivation is not to make them look “ideal” for men, but instead for their own reasons, such as increased self-confidence, feeling more comfortable in their body, and having a more feminine physique. Plastic surgery is a very personal choice, and we want to continue to provide patients with the tools and information they need to make a choice that they will be happy with.

For more information about breast augmentation, please call our office at (585) 244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant or visit our website at Quatela.com.

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