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The temperature is finally starting to rise and the weather is getting more beautiful as each day passes. Before you know it, summer will be here and there is no better time to prepare for it than now.

The majority of our patients consider breast enhancement for years before eventually taking the plunge.  Those same patients commonly report that the only regret they have following surgery is that they didn’t do it sooner. If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation, read on to see why now is a great time to take the next step.

What is the healing process for breast augmentation?

The post-operative process for breast augmentation is quite simple and straightforward.  Implants typically ride high for the first few weeks but drop into an improved position by the three-week mark. By three months, they settle into a much more natural position that will be very close to your final result.

Many of our patients that have their breast augmentation in the spring and summer typically want to put on their bathing suit before the three-month mark.  If you wear a bathing suit early on and want to conceal your results, we would recommend a high-neck bathing suit such as a halter top.  If you prefer to flaunt your results, think string bikinis and triangle tops. Always remember to keep your incisions covered and use generous amounts of SPF.

What is the downtime and recovery for breast augmentation?

Patients often think that they need to wait until winter for breast augmentation so that they don’t ruin their summer fun.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Breast augmentation is a great procedure since it has very little downtime. It is minimally-disruptive to your life and typically requires a few days off of work, no special garments and one week with no exercise.  After the one-week mark, you can resume lower body exercise with the exception of bouncing and jumping. At the three-week mark, you have no restrictions and can resume all regular activities.

What if I need a breast lift as well? 

If you need a breast lift, many of the above-mentioned details apply. However, you will have incisions on the breast (around the areola, down the bottom half of the breast and in the crease of the breast) that you need to ensure do not have any sun exposure.

When do I start the process so I’m ready for summer?

Simply put, now is the time.  You will need a consultation with Dr. William Koenig to determine if you are a candidate for the surgery.  We typically can get patients scheduled for surgery within one month of their consultation appointment. This would put you in a perfect position to be fully ready for an amazing summer!

So, what are you waiting for? Call our office at (585) 244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant and get this process underway.

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