When to Schedule Your Injectable Treatment
pic of ANA injecting

-by Melissa Urso, Patient Consultant for Dr. Ashley N. Amalfi, board-certified plastic surgeon

Do you have a big event coming up?  Are you preparing for your wedding or a special day?  Many patients look to injectable treatments as a non-surgical way to freshen up their appearance before an event.

Non-invasive procedures such as neuromodulators and injectable fillers continue to rise in popularity with men and women of all ages as they are a great way to prevent the signs of aging.  Many of our patients start these treatments in their mid-20’s to prevent deeper lines and wrinkles.  The younger patient population requires less product to treat lines, wrinkles and folds and as we age, more product is necessary to improve deeper folds and wrinkles.

Part of what makes injectable treatments so sought after is the fact that they are administered in the office in 30 minutes and require little downtime or recovery.  However, it’s still important to plan ahead and schedule your injectable treatments properly to allow for healing time and to make the most of your results.

Treatment Timing Guide

  • Botox/Dysport | You should allow about 2 weeks minimum between your injectable visit and event.  Botox rarely has any bruising, but at times you may see a tiny dot of a bruise that will resolve in about a week.
  • Fillers | Dermal fillers need a bit more time for healing.  For the best outcome for your event, you should plan your filler visit about 1 to 2 months ahead or longer.  Bruising is common after a filler injection.  It’s also normal to experience redness and swelling near the injection sites.  Ice is always used immediately after any injection to help reduce blood flow to the area treated and minimize bruising as much as possible.
  • Lips | Everyone wants their lips done!  Plumper lips are extremely popular with all ages.  Lip injections can cause swelling and bruising, so if you are planning to have plumper, fresh lips for your big day, please plan ahead by at least 2 weeks or longer before the event.  Swelling is expected immediately after lip filler and usually subsides after 48 hours.  The lips are sensitive for the first week, but you can resume normal activity the day after treatment.

Ways to Prevent Bruising

We recommend Arnica pellets or topical Arnica gel to help resolve bruising and swelling quickly. Another tip we suggest is staying away from aspirin products 2-3 days before your treatment.

Millions of people receive injections every year.  My advice is to plan ahead and call today to schedule your appointment so that you can be fresh-faced and bruise-free for your special event!  For more information about injectable treatments, call our office at (585) 244-1000 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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